Time and time again these innovative machines are proving their worth. From panelling and cladding, through the full spectrum of glass handling to restoration projects, specialist lifting applications or in restricted areas on domestic and construction sites. Their compact dimensions and ability to manoeuvre mean that in many lift situations they replace the need for much larger cranes.

The smaller MC cranes get in to places you wouldn’t have dreamt possible. Most are slender enough to fit through a standard doorway and house enough power to complete heavy lifts once in place. The larger LC models are still very compact yet boast much higher lifting capacities and heights while retaining excellent manoeuvrability and flexibility.

Maeda have been producing these mini cranes in Japan since 1980 and are market leaders in their territory with over 70% market share. In Europe the cranes are providing fantastic results and are quickly becoming recognized as the 'must have' new product for both hire companies and construction companies alike. New uses for these products are being found almost daily and in all applications and end users are seeing both time and cost saving benefits. Whatever your industry, Maeda mini cranes will both meet and exceed your needs.

Maeda Mini Cranes are also highly environmentally friendly as they feature an electric option in combination with an energy saving system. This is now a standard feature on the newer machines and one which will continue into all new Maeda products.